Expired: Prix de l’EAEPE

L’EAEPE (European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy) délivre chaque année deux prix (EAEPE-Kapp Prize, EAEPE-Myrdal Prize), pour récompenser les meilleurs publications (article et ouvrage) dans des “thèmes en accord avec les perspectives théoriques de l’association”.

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A propos du Nobel d’économie | Philip Mirowski – Why Is There a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics?


The Nobel Memorial Prize defines high achievement in economics, and it validates the discipline’s claim for scientific authority. And yet, historically, it can be understood as a reflection of domestic policy conflicts in Sweden. This, Philip Mirowski would say, is but one example of the multifaceted nature of history. He and his team investigate how the Bank of Sweden’s goal of political independence wound up elevating the status of neoclassical thinking within the economics profession. Writing the history of the Nobel Memorial Prize to tease out the influence of economic doctrines on policy norms in recent decades — this is new economic thinking.

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Expired: William R. Waters Research Grant

The William R. Waters Research Grant was established in 1999 in honour of William R. Waters, editor of the Review of Social Economy for many years, and President of ASE in 1987. The purpose of the William R. Waters Research

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