Call for Submissions : Egon-Matzner-Award for Socio-Economics 2019

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Department of Public Finance and Infrastruc-ture Policy (Institute of Spatial Planning) at the Vienna University of Technology, the Egon-Matzner-Award for Socio-Economics was established in 2012; it will be conferred on 15th April 2019 for the eighth time.
The Egon-Matzner-Award will be presented to young scientists (up to 35 years of age) for their scientific publications (namely contributions to journals or monographs issued by in-ternational scientific publishers) and for excellent doctoral theses.

In particular, studies in the following thematic fields can be submitted:
– Socio-economics, heterodox economics.
– Evolutionary economics.
– Institutional economics.
– Public finance and fiscal federalism.
– Infrastructure economics and policy.
Papers will be preferred that especially
– include practical and empirical problems on strong theoretical foundations,
– go beyond schools of thought and paradigms, and/or
– present interdisciplinary perspectives.
The deadline for submissions is 10th Feburary 2019. The jury’s decision will be made known presumably by the mid-March 2019.

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