Call for Papers : First Annual Meeting of Political Economy: The Economy as Substantive Reality

First Annual Meeting of Political Economy : The Economy as Substantive Reality ISCTE-IUL, January 25-27, 2018
Call for Papers
Karl Polanyi argued that the economy is a substantive reality, an institutionalised process of human interaction that aims at the satisfaction of material needs, rather than a formal reality based on a logic relation between means and ends. To understand any given economy as a substantive reality requires locating it within its historical, geographical and institutional contexts, and taking into account the various social, political, legal, cultural, technological and ecological factors that shape it. These multiple dimensions of the economies were present in the work of the founders of Political Economy, but which have since found their way, to a greater or lesser extent, into autonomous scientific disciplines. However, all these perspectives are important in forming the theories, the methods, the conceptualisations and the practices associated with a comprehensive study of the economy, overcoming the formal, a-historical, a-geographical and a-political approaches of the mainstream, based on the application of the universal principle of individual optimisation and circumscribed to the problem of scarcity of means given alternative uses.

First Annual Meeting of Political Economy_call for papers


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