EAEPE Symposium 2017 Developing Economics: Towards a Critical Research Agenda for Development Economics

Berlin Institute for International Political Economy (IPE) 10-11 June 2017 Input speeches will be delivered by Smita Srinivas (Indian Institute for Human Settlements) Sanjay Reddy (The New School, New York) Erik Reinert (Tallinn University of Technology)

Topics and aims
The symposium will reflect upon the research agenda of ‘development economics’ from a critical and pluralist perspective. Its aim is to develop and connect new impulses for addressing the pressing global challenges of persisting poverty and inequalities. By critically discussing potentials and shortcomings of current approaches and practices, the symposium contributes to a research agenda that enables economists to analyse development processes in a globalised world from critical and pluralist perspectives. All contributions that help develop a critical research agenda are welcome. In particular, we will address two fields that attain huge attention in contemporary development economics: behavioural and institutional approaches to economic and human development. The symposium also aims at creating an environment in which contributions from different disciplines such as economics, political sciences, law, or sociology can be appreciated.

EAEPE Symposium 2017 PDF

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