Call for Papers : Political Economy of Capitalism, Geneva 27-29 August 2018

The Economics of Innovation Working group and the Economic History Working Group together with the Département d’histoire, économie et société at the University of Geneva, are launching the event Political Economy of Capitalism to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 27-28-29​ ​August​ ​2018.
This workshop will explicitly incorporate the socio-political and historical foundations of economic activity in its discussion of phenomena at the core of capitalism. The event will consist of lectures delivered by four distinguished scholars: Prof Mary O’Sullivan, Prof Bruno Amable (UNIGE), Richard Kozul-Wright (UNCTAD), and Prof Cédric Durand (Université Paris 13). Complementary to the workshops provided there will be also the Young Scholars presentations. The targeted audience for presentations consists of graduate students, Ph.D. candidates, and Postdocs, also members of international organizations with professional interests related to political economy, institutional economics, and globalization.
We seek contributions on themes in political economy related to the distribution of economic resources or the allocation of power. Of particular interest in this regard are contributions on the following topics: capital, profit and rents, and institutions. Although these issues are of central concern for understanding capitalism, they have long been neglected in mainstream economic analysis or treated in ways that ignore their conceptual and empirical complexity.
Selected applicants will be provided with a travel stipend and accommodation.
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