AHE postgraduate research methods workshop London Jan 2014

For Ph.D students (and even newly minted Ph.Ds) who want to think outside and in addition to the econometric box you find in your doctoral programs,

this is the research methods workshop for you. Yes you will have to travel because nothing like this for heterodox economists exists outside of the UK.

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Call for participants Association for Heterodox Economics

Funded post graduate workshop on advanced research methods 16th-17th January 2014 Open University London Centre

There are funded places available for registered Ph.D. students to cover UK travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses for the above event. The workshop covers topics in research not typically covered in economics training. The workshop is open to any Ph.D. students, but UK-registered Ph.D. students have priority. Funding priority will be given to UK-registered students.

Workshop topics include:

-* Reorienting economics to match method with social material

-* Quantitative analysis applicable to open economic systems

-* Grounded theory in Economics

-* Social network theory in Economics

-* Mixing quantitative and qualitative data

Speakers: Dr. Andrew Brown University of Leeds

Professor Bruce Cronin University of Greenwich

Dr. Paul Downward Loughborough University

Professor Fred Lee University of Missouri – Kansas City

Dr Jamie Morgan Leeds Metropolitan University

Dr. Daniel Wheatley Nottingham Trent University

Further details (final deadline for applications 30th September, 2013):

For information on how to apply, and for further details, please contact

Dr Andrew Mearman

Email. Andrew.Mearman@uwe.ac.uk

Bristol Business School

University of the West of England

BS16 1QY U.K.

For further information about the AHE, go to: http://www.hetecon.net/.

For general information about the Research Methods Workshop, go to: http://www.hetecon.net/division.php?page=resources&side=methodology_workshop

For information about the last Research Methods Workshop which includes readings, go to: http://www.hetecon.net/division.php?page=resources&side=history_of_ahe__heterodox_econ&sub=postgraduate_workshop

Professor Frederic S. Lee

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